Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fluorescent Optical Brighteners - China manufacturer of optical brightener

Fluorescent Optical Brighteners Features:

1. Pale green powder, tasteless, dissolvable in paraffin, fat, olefin and most organic solvents.
2. Good brightening effects and weathering resistance requires a small quantity but can be widely used.
3. Has good acid and alkali resistance, excellent whitening effect.

Fluorescent Optical Brighteners Uses:

Fluorescent Optical Brightener can be used in the whitening of thermoplastic plastics, PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, cellulose acetate, paint, coating, printing inks, etc. Brightener OB can be used in whitening of polymer at every processing stage, bring products brilliant blue white lustre.

Fluorescent Optical Brighteners Method of Application:

1. Fluorescent Optical Brightener used for pulp bleaching, can added to the slurry directly, conventional dosage: 0 3-1.2% (on dry pulp).
2. In surface sizing, Fluorescent Optical Brighteners can be used together with the starch, CMC, PVA, etc. Get better whitening effect.
3. In coating process, Fluorescent Optical Brighteners can be add in the PVA, CMC. Could get better results when use with starch, conventional dosage 0.1-1.4% (by weight of the coating).

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Optical Brightener for Polyester - China Supplier of Optical Brightening Agents

 Optical Brightener for Polyester

Optical Brightener are added to many materials to reduce yellowing, improve whiteness, and to enhance the brightness of a product.

Optical Brightener Properties:

1. High whitening strength and strong fluorescence.
2. Wide application scope: polyester, nylon fiber and various plastics.
3. Excellent resistance to high temperature.
4. Excellent compatibility with PVC and other polar polymers, migration endurance.

Optical Brightener Use Method: 

1)pad-dyeing hot-melt method
dosage:1-3g/L(adjust according to the sample test)                  
technological process: two-bath two-pad (pick-up rate 70%) → pre-baking(100℃) → baking(180-200℃,20-30s)
2)exhaust dyeing
bath ration:1:10-30;
PH:5-10(better for weak acid bath)
technological process: 98-100℃(low-temperature)×30-60min → wash → parch → finalize
120-130℃(high-temperature)×30-60min → wash → parch → finalize

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Optical Brighteners in Paper - China optical brightening agents supplier

Properties of Optical Brighteners in Paper:

1. Optical Brighteners are convenient in application, diluted with water perfectly, suitable for continuous addition; Good water solubility and can be dissolved in 3-5 times boiling water, and its solubility is 300g per liter in boiling water and 150g per liter in cooling water.
2. Optical Brighteners have good acid stability, the general acid-resistance and optimal applied PH value >7.
3. Optical Brighteners with high light resistance and chemical stability, good resistance to peroxide bleaching agent and containing reductive bleaching agent(sodium hydrosulfite).

Some Applications of Optical Brighteners:

1. Optical Brightening Agents for the whitening of polyester fiber, nylon fiber and polypropylene fiber.
2. Optical Brighteners for the whitening of polypropylene plastics, hard PVC, ABS, EVA, polystyrene and Makrolon.
3. Optical Brighteners also can be used in polyester and nylon.

Optical Brighteners in Paper
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Monday, December 5, 2016

Fluorescent Whitening Agents from China Optical Brightening Agents Supplier

Fluorescent Whitening Agents Characteristics and Advantages:

1. Fluorescent Whitening Agent is easy to use, can be arbitrary proportion miscible with water,is suitable for continuous addition.
2. Fluorescent Whitening Agents have good acid-resistance, very resistant to chlorine bleaching, and hydrogen peroxide bleaching and strong acid, strong alkali, achieve high in detergent containing bleaching agent whitening effect.
3. Fluorescent Whitening Agents whitening effect is extremely strong, in the cold water and warm water, polyamide fiber has higher whitening effect.
4. The fluorescent brighteners products are green environmental protection additives, excluding APEO, NPEO, in line with the GB standard of environmental protection, no corrosion, no heavy metal, no poisonous and harmful irritant gas, etc.

Fluorescent Whitening Agents Applications:

1. Fluorescent Whitening Agents are suitable for whitening and brightening polypropylene plastic, hard PVC, ABS . EVA, polystyrene, polycarbonate, etc.
2. Fluorescent Whitening Agent can be used for whitening chemical fibers, such as the polyester fibre, nylon fiber, polypropylene fiber and so on.
3. Fluorescent Brighteners suitable to be added into the conventional polymerization of polyester and nylon.
4. Especially suitable for whitening the plastics of elevated temperature compaction.
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