Monday, December 5, 2016

Fluorescent Whitening Agents from China Optical Brightening Agents Supplier

Fluorescent Whitening Agents Characteristics and Advantages:

1. Fluorescent Whitening Agent is easy to use, can be arbitrary proportion miscible with water,is suitable for continuous addition.
2. Fluorescent Whitening Agents have good acid-resistance, very resistant to chlorine bleaching, and hydrogen peroxide bleaching and strong acid, strong alkali, achieve high in detergent containing bleaching agent whitening effect.
3. Fluorescent Whitening Agents whitening effect is extremely strong, in the cold water and warm water, polyamide fiber has higher whitening effect.
4. The fluorescent brighteners products are green environmental protection additives, excluding APEO, NPEO, in line with the GB standard of environmental protection, no corrosion, no heavy metal, no poisonous and harmful irritant gas, etc.

Fluorescent Whitening Agents Applications:

1. Fluorescent Whitening Agents are suitable for whitening and brightening polypropylene plastic, hard PVC, ABS . EVA, polystyrene, polycarbonate, etc.
2. Fluorescent Whitening Agent can be used for whitening chemical fibers, such as the polyester fibre, nylon fiber, polypropylene fiber and so on.
3. Fluorescent Brighteners suitable to be added into the conventional polymerization of polyester and nylon.
4. Especially suitable for whitening the plastics of elevated temperature compaction.
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